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Some of the services we offer include:



1. Computer Sales / Support
On-site and In-house computer repair service and system upgrades
Wired and wireless network setup (LAN or WAN)
DSL/CABLE Internet and Sharing Setup
Computer system sales (Desktop or Notebook)
Sales of peripherals and softwares
2. Web hosting
Using our own server (NT & Linux) & Line (T1)
3. Computer Classes
For computer beginners
Windows, Internet, Basic Web Page Building, and Microsoft Office Programs classes are offered
Morning, night, and weekend classes
Schedule of upcoming classes
4. Custom Database Programming
5. Security Camera & DVR Installation


CyberPacific, Inc

650 S. Winchester Blvd. Suite 103
San Jose, CA 95128
Phone : (408) 260-1982
Fax : (408) 557-2830

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copyright (c) 1999 CyberPacific ,lnc. All rights reserved.